The Academy of the Sun

‚The Academy of the Sun ‚ – our special offer for summer attractions

The holiday resort ‚Wielki Błękit’ in Łukęcin offers our guests lots of attractions, free of charge, in July and August. They give all families perfect opportunities to spend time together playing and having excellent fun also with other guests.

So the list of attractions looks as follows:

  • ZUMBA – fitness classes with elements of Latin dance with a professional instructor. For those who love dancing – 1/ a week.
  • Yoga – exceptional not only for advanced yogis, but also for beginners. It will definitely help you out with stress, overload of thoughts or physical tension- 1/week.
  • Evening with good music, karaoke and fun – 1/week.
  • Family sports competitions – 1 / week
  • Playground for netball, basketball, badminton plus equipment
  • Social games: table tennis, boule.
  • Fitness gym.
  • Dinners outdoors in a lovely setting with BBQ and soothing music.


  • Full of colours playroom for the youngsters with board games, toys, books to read and to colour.
  • Holiday Nursery: July / August, Mon-Sat, +3, up to 3 with an au-pair/parent theme activities led by a professional.
  • Outdoor playground for kids.

Amusement programme:

  • Art or sports contests – 1/week, alternately
  • Face painting and discotheque with DJ for kids and teens, with surprises – 1/week
  • Theatre plays, evenings with magic and illusion presented by Tomi Klaun – 1/week, alternately
  • Creativity Games with Play Mais – 1/week
  • Celebration of Candy floss – for everyone interested, 1/week

We co-operate with Stanisław Motyka – the artist, ASP graduate in Cracow, the author of many inspiring sculpture accomplishments. In the early 90’s deeply engaged in work with American artist of Russian background Michaił Szemiakin. Now living by the northern seaside.