Three-room luxury apartment - Bl. 3***
The holiday resort of Grand Blue has the total of 310 hotel spaces in rooms of varied standard starting with suites and comfortable high-standard rooms trough functional family studios and economical village cottage.

Hotel building No. 3*** The building has 130 hotel spaces in double and 3-4 person rooms and suites of high standard. It is possible to merge double rooms into family studios: double room + double room, each room with separate bathroom and a terrace. Spacious, luxuriously furnished room interiors of good taste make it an excellent place for work and leisure. Bathrooms, satellite TV, alarm clock radio sets, hair driers, beach equipment, electric kettles, and balcony are available in rooms. Rooms are suitable for people with disabilities. The 3 room suites are about 52m2: two bedrooms and a living room, bathroom also equipped with a cabin with bath and a balcony or terrace with a green square.

Hotel building No. 2 of the building has 140 hotel spaces in 2- person rooms and family studios The spacious and sunny rooms have Tv set, bathrooms, balconies, beach equipment and electric kettles.

„Country house” – it is a one floor summer house with 40 hotel spaces in single, double and 3-person rooms and in family studios (double room + double room), all of them having bathrooms, double and 3-person rooms with shared bathroom. Electric kettles, radio and beach equipment are available in rooms. Pets are allowed in this option of accommodation.