Catch the wind in its sails

The offer is directed to everone who’s interested in water sports:

  • we are organizing the courses in the windsurfing and the kitesurfing for groups and the lesson for individuals,
  • equipment rental: boards, sails, kites, foams, pedal boats, kayaks.

Classes and the equipment rental are run by the Are-sport company and are located on the Bay Kamieńska (c 4 km).


  • windsurfing courses are supervised by qualified instructors graduated from AWF,
  • windsurfing course for children, young people and adults. The participants are getting basic skills of moving on the sailboard,
  • we offer special courses for advanced trainees which enable to obtain VDWS patent – it is for extra charge.

The windsurfing course includes;

  • theoretical classes – discussing the equipment and safety rules, selection of the appropriate basin, basic knowledge about the theory of sailing,
  • practical – the learning principles of moving on the board, practicing turnovers of the board, sharpening, coming off, the learning of the basic returns.

The great number of activities in water includes:

    • start from the beach,
    • swimming in the trapezium,
    • start of deep water,
    • swimming on the tack, the return.


  • individual courses for young people and adults (IKO instructors)

The kitesurfing course includes;

Types of trainings:

  • two days course (5 hours)
  • four days course (10 hours)

2 days course (5 hours):

  • theoretical classes: discussing the construction of kites, learning safety rules, selection of the appropriate basin, learning principles of the guidance with kite, basic knowledge about the theory of sailing
  • practical : preparing the equipment, the start of the kite, the guidance and the landing on the land, start of the kite, guidance, landing on water, body drag, practicing with the board


The great number of activities in water includes:

    • tacking
    • first practice with the board
    • swimming on the tack
    • returns.

Equipment rental:

  • water-powered bicycles
  • kayaks
  • sets (board + sail)